The Magic of Acting Like a Child


When I was a child, I sold fortune telling, acrylic-painted rocks and hand-picked herbs to passersby. I scavenged dumps (yes, I know that’s kind of weird) and junkyards to find treasures to incorporate into my inventions because… Leonardo da Vinci was my hero… and I was an inventor.

When I was a child, along with my siblings and cousins, we would script out 2-hour long follies shows to perform for our entire family at nearly every reunion- summer visits, Christmas celebrations, Thanksgiving. We would have raft building contests and yes… sometimes the rafts would sink… but we built anyway.

As children, we imagine things into being nourishing them with our passions, our time, our energy, our devotion. We pour all of who we are into our imaginings, seeing the potential of what could be without ever seeing the doubt.

The muse finds us easily and we create…without expectation, without seeking to please, without second-guessing.

As adults, we often lose sight of this part of ourself- the part that has an idea and moves forward with it. The part of ourself that gets captivated by the sheer joy of creation. The part of ourself that presents our gifts to the world because we’re just so freakin’ proud of them.

We’re not creating to appease others, to receive compliments, or because it’s what we’re told to do. We’re creating because it’s what we have to do.

What would be possible if you took the mindset of childhood and applied it to your life in this very instant?

What would you create?

Really though, I want you to take this question seriously. I know there’s something right now that you feel called to do. What is it? What is your deepest self inviting you to bring into reality?

Is it a novel? A non-profit? A themed party to celebrate summertime?

Is it a collaboration with someone you admire? An adventure to Australia? A summit of health experts?

Stop distracting yourself with “but”s, “can’t”s, “what if”s. Just do it. Take the mindset you had when you were a child and start birthing your idea into reality.

Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly like you expected it to, you listened to the call, and sometimes that turns out even more magical than what you ever envisioned.

In the comments below, tell me what your deepest self is inviting you to create. I can’t wait to cheer you on!

P.S. If you want to connect even more deeply with your inner child and the creativity that embracing a childlike mindset can bring, I invite you to sign-up for my newsletter. When you do, you’ll receive a free Inner Child Meditation and Workbook. It’s one of my favorite tools!

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